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Applicable vehicle models
  • Electric moped
  • Electric scooter
MC-Mini Hall-6S
Product parameters
  • Operating voltage 24-48V
  • Under voltage protection Software tunable
  • Maximum current 13A
  • Motor control FOC
  • Communication protocol UART/485/LIN
  • Waterproof grade IP67
  • Operating temperature -30℃-90℃
  • Dimension 65*48*20(mm)
Product characteristics

(1) Internal aluminum substrate + 4-layer PCB design, full chip components process design;

(2) Small size design, convenient for customers to install;

(3) The outlets are arranged in order to avoid the cross interference of outlets and facilitate the customer's vehicle routing;

(4) Internal glue pouring and waterproof line outlet design can effectively solve the waterproof problem.

(5) It can realize remote OTA function to meet different market demands of different customers.

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