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Applicable vehicle models
  • Leisure tricycle
  • Freight tricycle
  • Double drive kart
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Elderly scooter
  • Double drive scooter
Product parameters
  • Operating voltage 36-60V
  • Under voltage protection Software tunable
  • Maximum current Dual drive 50A / Single drive 25A
  • Motor control FOC
  • Communication protocol UART/RS485/ISDN
  • Waterproof grade IP65
  • Operating temperature -30℃-90℃
  • Dimension 105*100*42(mm)
Product characteristics

1) The non outgoing design is adopted to reduce the production defect rate and improve the production efficiency;

(2) The product is beautiful in appearance, small in size, easy to install with the whole vehicle, and avoid wiring errors;

(3) There are few dual drive motor controllers in China, which can switch between single and double drive, and can be used flexibly to emergency single side motor failure;

(4) Support 350-800w double motors to meet the needs of different models;

(5) With steering differential control function, it can improve driving comfort and safety;

(6) Auxiliary function of parking slope to avoid starting and sliding on the ramp;

(7) Compatible with reverse, three speed modes, charging detection, fault detection and other functions;

(8) It can realize remote OTA function and meet different market demands of different customers.

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