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Lean production management helps to upgrade the production line!

On December 22nd and 25th, Mr. Ge Yanlei, an expert of the lean improvement project, came to our company to give guidance on the phased lean reform. In the meeting, the team members actively cooperated with Mr. Ge and report the progress of production line optimization in recent months.  Analyze and discuss the feasibility of production line optimization measures, the improvement of production efficiency and the reasonable control of production cost, and point out and rectify the existing problems.

This tutorial has added SMED training. SMED system is a theory and method that can effectively shorten the product switching time. It avoids the seven wastes of traditional mold changing activities, improves the productivity, and gains more profits for the enterprise. After three hours of patient explanation by the teacher, the team members mastered the basic knowledge of SMED, and applied the theoretical knowledge to the task, which wrote SMED plans for different production lines. In the next day's meeting, Mr. Ge evaluated the SMED plan of each group, and visited the workshop to guide and follow up to improve the implementation of the plan.Through this training, the team members benefited a lot, had a deeper understanding of production management, and the production line also had a new upgrade.

After one year of lean project guidance, the company has made a qualitative improvement in production line efficiency, good product rate, cost control and other aspects. The new and upgraded production line layout is more efficient and humanized, from one assembly line with two sets of assembly line optimization into production and assembly integration, workers only need to work in their own station, reducing unnecessary time to walk back and forth, so as to truly achieve high efficiency, high quality and high intensity production. Up to now, the production efficiency of a single controller has increased by 70% compared with last year, the output per unit area has increased by 84%, the export volume has increased by 30% compared with the same period last year, the annual capacity has exceeded 8 million units, and the total turnover of the company has exceeded 600 million.


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