Talent recruitment
  • Non-standard mechanical engineer 8-15k
    Position Statement

    1. Design automatic production line;

    2. Carried out tooling design;

    3. Process, repair, assemble and debug parts in production line;

    4. Skilled in robot and assembly line design.

    Job Specification

    1. Rich experience in automatic production line design, independent design and manufacture of automatic production line;

    2. Able to design tooling and parts according to process characteristics;

    3. Strong operational ability, with the foundation of industrial automatic control field;

    4. Have some understanding of lean production.

  • Hardware Engineer 8-15K
    Position Statement

    1. Hardware development and design of motor controller;

    2. Hardware circuit calculation and design, component selection, PCB design;

    3. Test and debug product hardware;

    4. Compiled controller hardware design documents.

    Job Specification

    1. Understand the working principle of motor driven inverter, familiar with schematic diagram and specification and skills of PCB development tools;

    2. Ability to read and design schematic diagrams;

    3. Good knowledge of circuit routing and device layout;

    4. Have some experience in driving design;

    5. Switching power supply design, rich experience in analog and digital circuit design;

    6. Experience in safety regulation, EMC and thermal design of products.

  • SCM software engineer 8-15K
    Position Statement

    1. Mainly responsible for the writing and debugging of single-chip software;

    2. Cooperate in the development of Simulink control library functions or models;

    3. Assisted in writing software design documents according to single-chip software requirements;

    4. Assisted in the function definition of the system;

    5. Completion of C code writing, debugging, testing and maintenance according to software design documents.

    Job Specification

    1. Major in Computer Science, Automation, Mathematics, Automotive Electronics or related;

    2. Excellent fresh graduates are also acceptable;

    3. Master C language, familiar with the development and debugging of embedded software development;

    4. Familiar with SCM, ARM, DSP (Freescale, Infineon);

    5. Good English reading ability, able to read English technical documents;

    6. Can understand schematic diagram, PCB diagram, can work with hardware engineer;

    7. Good at communication and team work.

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