Applicable vehicle models
  • Children scooter
Product parameters
  • Operating voltage 24V
  • Under voltage protection Software tunable
  • Maximum current 11A
  • Motor control FOC
  • Communication protocol UART
  • Waterproof grade Non-waterproof
  • Operating temperature -20℃-60℃
  • Dimension 112*43*34(mm)
Product characteristics

(1) The shell cover is black, the surface is fine frosted, the aluminum bottom plate is oxidized, the appearance is beautiful, and the structure is compact;

(2) Three working modes (throttle maximum speed, power maximum speed and throttle low speed) are adapted, and the starting speed is 3km / h;

(3) The controller adapts to RGB tricolor lamp (5-wire), which can realize full-color breathing, monochrome breathing and RGB color switching.

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