Applicable vehicle models
  • Electric scooter
  • Electric moped
  • Sharing electric vehicle
  • Electric scooter
MCU(motor control unit)
Product parameters
  • Operating voltage 24-60V
  • Under voltage protection Software tunable
  • Maximum current 25A
  • Motor control FOC
  • Communication protocol UART/485/LIN
  • Waterproof grade IP67
  • Operating temperature -30℃-90℃
  • Dimension 129.4*86.2*41(mm)
Product characteristics

(1) The controller has strong compatibility and can be used for various vehicle types;

(2) Small volume, easy to install;

(3) Optional internal full glue filling process, with waterproof wire plug, waterproof grade can reach IP67 grade;

(4) Multi layer PCB design to meet different needs.

(5) Aluminum shell, fast heat dissipation, high stability;

(6) The outgoing lines are arranged in order, and the interface sizes are different, which is convenient for the installation and routing of the whole vehicle and avoids wrong insertion.

(7) It can realize remote OTA function to meet different market demands of different customers.

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