Applicable vehicle models
  • Moped
Product parameters
  • Operating voltage 48-72V
  • Under voltage protection Software tunable
  • Maximum current 40A
  • Motor control FOC
  • Communication protocol UART/485
  • Waterproof grade IP65
  • Operating temperature -30℃-90℃
  • Dimension 178.6*90.6*48.3 (mm)
Product characteristics

(1) The shell assembly adopts the buckle design, and the product has no outgoing line integral interface technology, which greatly improves the layout of the internal wiring of the vehicle, and the assembly efficiency is increased by more than 70%.

(2) Aluminum plate technology is adopted at the bottom to solve the problem of heat dissipation of controller power device effectively, and the stability of the product is improved by more than 30%;

(3) Serial port circuit is reserved in the product, which can increase communication function according to customer demand;

(4) It can realize remote OTA function and meet different market demands of different customers.

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